Charlotte Traffic: The Mobility Plan

Charlotte Magazine 7/15 8:46A Greg Lacour
As more and more vehicles clog the city s streets, you may fill the time creeping along in traffic by pondering some relevant questions: What s the plan here? Will the city build more roads? Expand...

Meet Charlotte Young Adult Author Serena Kaylor

Charlotte Magazine 7/15 8:14A Taylor Bowler
When she s not in her surgical scrubs, Serena Kaylor usually sports a flashy outfit and her signature heart-shaped glasses. I think people are surprised that I have a very science-based job, she says....

Do We Really Need the Kids’ Menu?

Charlotte Magazine 7/15 8:04A Taylor Bowler
I recently attended an omakase dinner at Kappo En , a speakeasy-style dining room in the back of Menya Daruma , the Japanese noodle counter in Elizabeth. If you’re not familiar, omakase is Japanese for “I’ll leave it up to you,” and it’s a...

Exploring the Most Popular Online Casino Games of Today

Creative Loafing Charlotte 7/11 6:35A Alan Watts
In the age of the internet, casinos have come a long way. They are now a huge industry that offers customers many different games that cater to their different tastes and thus satisfy their needs…

Meet Charlotte’s ‘Concha Lady’

Charlotte Magazine 7/8 11:08A Tess Allen
Norma Zuniga has a sweet tooth, so she s always kept up with new bakeries in Charlotte. In 2019, she learned that Cris Rojas, aka The Batchmaker, was opening The Batch House in Wesley Heights. I d...

Design: A Dining Room Blue Streak

Charlotte Magazine 7/8 1:00A Taylor Bowler
As co-founder and principal designer of Dipped Interiors, Vicky Little regularly infuses bland spaces with bold colors, vibrant patterns, and unique textures. Her client s Baxter Village dining room...

How to Prevent My Concrete Patio from Cracking

Creative Loafing Charlotte 7/5 4:57A Alan Watts
Concrete patios are a popular choice for homeowners due to their durability and versatility. However, one common issue that many face is cracking…

Signs of a Septic Emergency and Immediate Steps to Take

Creative Loafing Charlotte 7/5 4:09A Alan Watts
Septic system emergencies can be stressful and potentially hazardous if not addressed promptly. Recognizing the early signs of a septic emergency and knowing what steps to take can help mitigate damage and restore normalcy…
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